On the Saturday before my actual birthday my family threw me a party/dinner, which was lovely because they remembered and they thought about me. I spent it mostly looking after my little cousins, making sure they didn't get bored. They ended up playing the PS3 in my brother's room while I sat on the floor watching videos on my laptop. But family parties tend to be more for the grown ups. The children are just ... there. It's not a criticism, it's an observation and I'm totally fine with that XD

Anyhoo after dodging questions about my age (I cannot still, at all, say that I'm 25), I got gifts. Yay, gifts.


I'm pretty sure the only reason I got this was because it says Harajuku on it and they know I love Japan. XD


Scarf, body lotion and a PEN. I love a good pen. I've been wanting to buy a good pen. I'm so glad someone got me a PEN. No sarcasm. No lie. I was thinking that when I hopefully, eventually, get a job I'll need a good pen. I was seriously so happy when I got this.


Shirt and cardigan. Oh, this shirt. This face. XD


The beanie is so cute. I want to wear it out when the weather gets colder. Love the necklace. So pretty. And the tin. I love tins. And random white out tape. I have not used white out or liquid paper since high school. XD


And cheap wine.

I was going to say my immediate family didn't get me anything but my dad buys me things anyway and he paid for my birthday lunch. Plus he gives me money all the time. So, really. Gifts all year round. My brother gave me money to extend my Flickr pro account. So yay.

I did make a list of what I wanted but they're not things I really need. And I can live without them. They were just books, DVDs and CDs. And yeah, I don't need them. My everyday life is not worse off without it. Although, I really want a new lens for my DSLR. Well, I suppose there's always Christmas ... XD



I've been on mid-sem break now for a week. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO. Everyone else is either at work or at uni. I HAVE NO ONE TO DO THINGS WITH. So, my mid-sem break has consisted mainly of sleeping. Catching up on sleep even though I know sleep doesn't work like that really.

Today is Thursday. I only have today and tomorrow left of my break and I have done NOTHING. I'm going to catch up on all the uni work I missed while trying to finish off other assessment tasks. Do the demo L's test until I get nothing wrong. Yes, I do not drive or even have my L's. I can't wrap my head around it. I just can't.

I was going to clean my room so I can't even use my desk. My desk is currently just a place where things are stacked. My desk that I use to do uni work and internet things is the dining table. Yep.

Been such a homebody ...

Anyhoo, I did go out yesterday.


Long stretch of road to nowhere, really.

I watched Iron Man 2 and Captain America in preparation for watching The Avengers sometime before Monday. Possibly on my lonesome. Everyone stop being so busy! Makes me feel so ... lazy in comparison. XD


Quarter-century girl

So, I turned 25 on Wednesday. I don't really like telling people my birthday. In a rather passive-aggressive way, I like them to remember it on their own. Shows how much they really like me XD. So family remembers. Friends, without prompting, not so much. Like, on Facebook my birthday doesn't show up on the sidebar. If you remember you get extra points, if you don't, well, it doesn't really matter much. I really liked that a couple of friends remembered without having being told by me or by others, presumably. Once those 2 said Happy Birthday, the rest followed. By the by, one of my closest friends didn't say Happy Birthday at all. I'll remember that ... XD

Anyhoo, here is my whole day ... as far as I can remember ... XD

I was up anyway trying to cram and prep for my test at 9am and then my assessment task at 11am. So, I stared at the clock on the computer til it turned midnight.


My plan was to drink 25 alcoholic drinks to match my new age.

So this is my first drink, vodka and orange, at a little past midnight.


And instead of continuing to study I watched episode 1 of Japanese drama (starring my beloved Ohno) Kagi no Kakatta Heya (鍵のかかった部屋).


I then went to sleep maybe 2am? I'm not quite sure. I didn't get much sleep. I had maybe, generously, an hour of sleep before I got up to shower at 4:45am. Crazy early. Printed out my study notes wrongly the first time. Double-sided printing but for some reason the pages didn't print right. Like the pages were not consecutive.

Left the house 6:20am. It takes me ages in the morning to get properly ready. It was raining so much today. So so much.

Waiting at the station for my 6:51am train.




My friend's notes that she brought into the exam. Mine were significantly less than that. It was good getting to the exam venue early and basically everyone discussing and being worried for the same thing. Felt good. It was good to know that I wasn't the only one who had NO IDEA about anything.


After the short, 1 hour multiple-choice test (I think I did ok. Passable.), I walked through the rain to the other building for my other assessment task. It went okay. I didn't address one thing because I didn't think it would apply but it went okay. I was going to meet my dad and my brother for lunch at Darling Harbour. So, I walked in the rain to wait at the Starbucks at Cockle Bay Wharf.

I ordered a tall iced green tea latte. They spelled my name wrong.


I was really craving ribs so we made our way to Hurricane's. This is my first time I've been. Seriously. When we got there they were like "Do you want to sit inside or outside?" Obviously, inside. Such horrible weather that day.

Here's the view from where we sat.




This is the Hurricane cocktail. Did not like it at all. Tastes a lot like cherry starburst. Did not like. I do not recommend.


Kilpatrick oysters! Should have ordered more of these.


My brother and my dad opted for steaks over ribs.


I order a half-rack of beef ribs. I could barely finish the half-rack on my own.


And salad. I don't know, for health. XD


So, I had that horrible cocktail plus a Corona (not pictured) bringing my tally so far to 3.

The rain wasn't too heavy when we left. We walked all the way to the Galeries Victoria. My brother had to catch a bus to uni from about there. My dad and I went to Kinokuniya. They're selling the Kis-My-Ft2 calendar there for $48.48.


I didn't end up buying anything because it's much cheaper to buy books online and even though my dad would pay for it, I couldn't rationalise it because I knew it was much cheaper somewhere else.

We then headed to Freedom downstairs to look at furniture. Then to Westfield Sydney. My dad hadn't been there yet. Then up to the food court for some ice-cream. At least for me. XD

That's kinder and tiramisu. 2 separate scoops and flavours.


It was around 3:15pm and my dad called it a day and went home. I stayed, went to the uni library to use a computer to charge my phone and nap. I was so so sleepy at this point. I wasn't meeting with people until dinner time. By the time I met up with my friend and walked to Angry Chicken, a Korean hipster-like restaurant in that alley between Albion Place Hotel and Event cinemas, it was pouring really heavily. My feet and my shoes were soaked.

So, Angry Chicken ... not to be mistaken with Angry Birds XD


This is my friend making the coke-soju-beer cocktail cojinganmek (구징안픽). I'm not quite sure of the spelling. The hangul and the romanisation don't quite match. But that's what google gave me. Basically, in a glass you put in a shot glass half-full of coke, then a shot glass full of soju and then pour beer all over it. You drink it in one go. It goes bitter then sweet at the end. Much better than having soju on its own. So much better.


We ordered hotpot of some sort and some chicken. So, I had 7 of these coke-soju-beer drinks. 7. In total I had 10 drinks. Not even half of my aim that day.

I didn't take anymore photos. I was surprised when I woke up the next day and realised how little photos I took. In total there were 5 of us at dinner. 2 of my friends were regulars at this place and knew the guy who worked there. He was really nice. Kept talking to us. Or we were being noisy and kept talking to him.

So, I guess I drank too much. Though, I was not the only one. I went to the bathroom twice. I have no memory from when I came back from the bathroom the 2nd time and waking up on the train home. Except for vomiting a lot in this restaurant. Yeah.

According to my friends, after I got back from the bathroom I seemed to have been a little depressed and started talking about ethics and law stuff. I guess I was still annoyed over my assessment task where I didn't consider something. But apparently I was talking before I vomited. One of my friends fell asleep at the table and we had been talking about that. Apparently.

On the train, apparently I vomited. My friend, who took care of me on the way home, took a photo and uploaded it to twitter. I have no memory of that either. He was so nice. I have no memory of calling my brother to pick me up but I guess I did. And made him buy water. Then I got home. Took a couple of panadol and went to sleep.

The lesson here: eat more food while you drink and pace yourself!

I had fun. It was an impromptu dinner and what I remember of it was fun.

Next year, I'll try to pace my 26 drinks out so I don't blackout again.

So, yes. That was how my first day as a 25-year-old went. Yep.


Light bulbs

Because my friend accidentally bought 100 of these instead of 10. It lights up in various different colours. The bulb is about the size of my thumb. It's not a regular sized bulb, if you were thinking that. Good for clubbing at night time or just being out at night. She gave me one for free and she's like "only if you wear it and blog and tweet about it!" Apparently these were everywhere like last year. I don't remember seeing them EVER. XD


She has a stall at Glebe Markets on Saturdays. She sells necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets. It's near the female toilets if you want to drop by!

Iron Sky

Iron Sky is a sci-fi comedy film set in the near future of 2018 (yeah, I think it's pretty close XD) about Nazis who established a military base on the moon after World World II and they're back to wage war with the Earth. It'll be in Australian cinemas May 10, 2012.

Check out the trailer!

I love sci-fi and going by the trailer it seems like it'll be a whole bunch of fun to watch!

You can see Iron Sky at your nearest Hoyts Cinema. Mine's Hoyts Broadway. Well, it's not my nearest but I frequent the city so much it might as well be! Don’t forget to check out their Xtremescreen, La Premiere and IMAX!

Happy viewing!


Happy Easter!


I shall be making my way through these chocolates as I do my assignment on the remainder of this Easter break. I'm so on holiday mode already when I shouldn't be.

Hope you had a great Easter break! Still contemplating whether I should go to the Easter Show this year. Didn't get tickets to the final day of the Harry Potter exhibition. All sold out! But I am going to the Super Junior concert in May even though I'm not that big of a fan XD


Takoyaki, Friday night markets

Blog feels neglected. Lots of things going on at the same time and I have poor time management.

But anyway ...

A couple of weeks ago before watching The Hunger Games a few friends and I went to the night markets in Chinatown for some food. I didn't take a lot of photos. The thing I wanted to eat the most were these takoyaki. I always walk by, look at the line and get discouraged but it doesn't take long. There's prawn, octopus and vegetable fillings at various prices, which I don't quite remember right now. You order, get a ticket and wait at the other side for your food. There's different types of sauces and wasabi available that you can add.


Yes, that is us eating night market food on the tables outside the McDonald's near the Entertainment Centre.

And I probably won't be blogging 'til after my last assessment in like 2 weeks but I wanted to blog something ... XD