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Yeah, so follow. I was going to make a nice button or mini-banner for it but so lazy. Such a lazy Friday. Been watching Fringe all day. Off to library tomorrow to properly do essay. Royal Wedding coverage has already started even though the wedding doesn't start for hours yet. Overkill. I'm sure tomorrow's news coverage will be more than satisfactory. Plus, if I miss anything I'll just download it later. Shame about The Chaser's not being able to do the commentary. That would have made it less boring and tedious. More fun. 

Anyhoo, maybe I should eat now. XD


I have a Pro Flickr account!


The Pro account is a belated birthday gift from my brother. Having a Pro account lets all my photos that I've uploaded to be seen as a free account only lets your most recent 200 photos to appear. So yay for that!

Click my poorly shopped mini-banner to view my somewhat okay-but-not-really good photos!


Post-Easter chocolate haul


Around 30 dollars worth of Easter eggs, cakes and Mighty Beanz and Party Animals. I was under the assumption that the Mighty Beanz and Party Animals egg things had chocolate inside. Nope. They just had random toys. I handed them out to the children on Monday night and they were pretty happy with just the toy. I also gave out the Creme Eggs and they were amused by the novlty of the inside of it looking like a real egg but being very, very sweet!

So much chocolate in my fridge, you guys!


Sapporo - the beer not the place


I was in Dan Murphy's, a liquor store, yesterday. It's so big and clean and has a wide variety of products. Well, compared to the usual liquor stores I frequent. While looking for a 6 pack of beer (the 5 seeds cider one -  6x345ml = $12.90) I happened upon this 650ml can of Sapporo. There was a 6 pack of Sapporo in bottles but I had no trolley and didn't want to risk carrying two 6 packs at the one time. Also saw Asahi but no Kirin Green Label. The search continues! Well, I didn't really search the entire store. It was a very quick visit.


Anyway, back to the Sapporo. 650ml for $7.99. I have no occasion to drink it yet. Not really been in the mood and I'm still fighting a cold. The can feels heavy and looks giant in my hand. Don't think I could drink it in one sitting. Well, I could. But the can looks intimidating. XD


Selected memories from 2008

On this very long weekend I decided to go through some old photos and photoshop them to make them "artsy". XD Memories! They don't seem like that long ago though ... In chronological order. Onto 2009 photos now ... so much free time but I'm not doing uni work. Eh, that's what a break's for. XD

Any time is pancake time

Museum Station
Oricon Style, Arashi
At Stonewall
Town Hall
The Bridge
Martin Place


Stuff I bought

Apple espadrille wedges from Rubi Shoes at Market City - $5.00
GANTZ vol. 4 - $16.91
GANTZ vol. 5 - $13.36 (I don't know why they're priced differently)
Otona no kagaku (大人の科学) Gakkenflex TLR - $43.74 (It was 20% off. Full price $54.67)

I bought a shirt and cardigan thing from Cotton On but I'm too lazy to photograph them. I'm surprised there was still some Gakkenflex TLRs still available. I was so worried they'd be sold out. Great price for them too.

I was hoping to pick up Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro but they didn't have that particular novel of his in stock. Also, wanted to buy A Game of Thrones, the first in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series but they didn't have that one. They had the 2nd and 3rd ones but alas not the first. In my quick perusal of the store I didn't find Tina Fey's Bossypants either. I guess it's a sign to not read non-uni things and instead do uni readings and assignments.

Shall put my Gakkenflex TLR together later ... I'm very hungry right now and am trying to get over this cold still. Might go to library again tomorrow. Sigh sigh sigh. Need to buy Easter eggs too!


24 hours for 24 years

So my birthday is soon ...

My plan for my birthday is to be awake for all of it. Yes. Even though I wasn't born til 9:15 at night. But I think they were already in the hospital on the 18th waiting for me to come out. Apparently, I took a long time!

I haven't really made any birthday plans. I might do something later in the week but it's so close to Easter so it's kind of busy.

I have mixed feelings about getting older. I don't like it. XD The day before I turn 25 I will have some sort of breakdown but that's next year's problem.

I plan to buy ingredients for cake making today, some birthday clothes and some birthday gifts to myself.

I want to start my 24th year fresh. Here's hoping!




Pack of 6 for $16.99 at Liquorland, World Square. A little treat for myself. A little bit of self-medication. Mood lifting. Even if it's transient and artificial. 2 weeks off but seems like it's going to be busy instead of relaxing! 2 weeks seems like not enough time for everything! Anyway, yays, beer. I'm still trying to find the Kirin Green label in cans that 4/5 of Arashi advertise. WANTS.

Because we need more izakayas!

Important and interesting parts bolded!
"Adam Liaw hopes to bring a little bit of Tokyo to Sydney later this year when he opens his first restaurant in Surry Hills.

The 2010 MasterChef winner, who worked as a lawyer in the Japanese city for six years, is aiming to open the doors of his izakaya-style venue in August or September.

An izakaya is a relaxed pub style of dining popular in Japan for its sociable atmosphere and focus on both food and drinks. Dishes are served tapas style and often include a range of yakitori skewers.

It is a dining style that is growing in popularity in Sydney - one opened in Newtown last year and there are others dotted throughout the city.

Liaw says his version will be "really casual, authentic Japanese" with a great beer selection."
Read more:

So, I want his lawyer job in Japan. Whatever it was. That would be just amazing. Though, what was his job? Since the law in Japan is different to the law in Australia.

And beer! YAY!


Unexpected things in the mail


I recieved this in the mail from Nuffnang, who are, I'm quoting, "Asia-Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community". When I started this blog late last year I signed up with them because I saw other blogs had done so. Plus, I read some blog entries about events held with other bloggers and it seemed like fun to join up.

So, thanks for this. It's a magnet and a notepad. I suspect the magnet and notepad are to be joined together and then you put the whole thing on your fridge. XD

Jin Akanishi to be in "47 RONIN"

... is what I found when I opened up my email.

This is big right?
"Jin Akanishi has joined the cast of "47RONIN" for Universal Pictures. Keanu Reeves is the leading actor. Carl Rinsch is directing this movie from a screenplay by Chris Morgan.
In 2012 winter, this spectacular Hollywood movie "47RONIN" is going to premiere worldwide.
Jin's Hollywood acting debut is the role of Oishi Chikara, Keanu Reeves' character Kai's best friend and son of Oishi Kuranosuke.

<<Message from Jin>>
I am really excited that this work based on such an important subject for Japanese people as "47RONIN" is going to become an epic Hollywood production, and that it will also be presented in 3D. Being able to co-star with Keanu and other brilliant actors, and all together to weave a worldwide production makes me feel a sense of fulfillment. From now on I want to sharpen my sensibility, and to push forward without changing my stance, in order to be active in both music and acting around the world without borders.

Producer: Universal Pictures/ Distributor: TOHO-TOWA/American film
Director: Carl Rinsch / Screenplay: Chris Morgan ("Wanted")

For the latest official information:"
Wonder if it'll be in English or Japanese. Or a mixture like The Last Samurai or from what I can remember of that film. I didn't really sit through it all.

3D? Unnecessary. Who wants to bet that Jin's message was in Japanese and then translated into English. I do not imagine him having that much control of the English language.


Bruno Mars is in Sydney!

He's playing a show at Luna Park tonight and boo, self, I should have bought tickets. I love his songs and his performance style and he's half-Filo which is a plus too! Filo pride!

He's been getting great reviews for his concert especially 'the part when he asked fans to put their cameras down and "just have fun with us"'. I totally understand this. In this age of internet and YouTube and digital cameras people just fail to enjoy the moment. They have to capture the moment so they can relive the moment again or share it with others. Which is fine. But in the process - don't miss the moment!

A few Filipino bloggers blogged about his concert in Manila. I also saw an interview from the Philippines with his mother and sister - both so beautiful - on YouTube. I do feel kinda proud. It's weird right? XD

Birthday is soon! I'm making birthday lists!

Also, Gakkenflex TLR still in Kinokuniya in Sydney! 4 left. I counted. I'm heading back to the city tomorrow to buy one. PLEASE STILL BE THERE!

Pulling an all-nighter to finish an essay! COFFEE HERE I COME!

Also, welcome to my FIRST and ONE and ONLY public follower - Lil!


Okay, back to essay. After I hand it in before 5 (or is it 6?) tomorrow I'm buying a bottle of wine and drinking it!


McCAIN Sweet Potato Super Fries Crinkle Cut

So, advertising works on me.


I kept seeing ads for these and I finally went to the grocery store to pick some up. I chose crinkle cut because I love crinkle cut but they come in Thin Cut as well. I bought this on a whim and also because all the commercials were telling me that it was good for me and mightily delicious as well.


Instructions on the pack said to bake them on one side for 10 minutes and then turn them and bake the other side for 10 minutes at 230 (210 in fan forced oven) degrees Celsius. My oven is old and broken and the knob for the oven, where you set the temperatures, has no more numbers on it. So I guesstimate temperature now when I bake. For frozen food you can just check by tasting and touching. It's much harder having an oven without numbers when you bake cake. XD


The verdict? Well, it tastes very much like sweet potato. At least, from what I can remember from the last time I ate sweet potato. Unlike normal potato fries (ugh, I hate using the word fries. CHIPS!), I got really full from them after a few pieces. Although, I did just eat before I ate these and perhaps I wasn't as hungry. The flavour of normal potato chips is plain so I guess you don't really get tired the taste that quickly. Whereas, these sweet potato chips actually have some flavour and taste to them on their own that might be too much for those not used to the taste of sweet potato, such as myself.

I'm going to give them another try though because I still have half a packet left. Maybe my first impression was due to having already eaten prior to tasting. By the way, why is the packet so small? I picked it up from amongst the giant bags of frozen chips and wedges in the freezer. Looked much too small.

Okay, off to bake a second batch!


Almost holidays

One more week then I have 2 weeks off from uni. I say 2 weeks off but not really. I have notes to write and I made plans to do all the things that I've forgotten or been too lazy to do. I have to get through this week first. Lots of things due and none of them started.

I was going to post a photo to make this post more interesting ... I'm just trying to find one. From the flickr account that I lost the useranme and password for. (EDIT: Oh, I just tried logging in and can now. Oh, hey, that's cool. But now I have 2 flickr accounts.) Hmm. Maybe I'll trying figuring that out in my 2 weeks off. JAPAN! LOVE!

Rainbow Bridge


Poporo, Market City


After I handed in my essay I ate all on my lonesome at Poporo. Had beef sukiyaki udon. It was pretty cold yesterday so I wanted something soupy and I need some beef. I'm not eating enough red meat. Affecting my iron, me thinks. And tofu! That was unexpected. I love tofu!

  • Find Poporo at Market City, Top Floor, Shop 301, 9-13 Hay Street, Haymarket.


"Norwegian Wood" coming to the Sydney Film Festival 2011!

Image from Norwegian Wood official website.

So, I got an email about the Sydney Film Festival and a link to its enews release which revealed the following:

Our Official Competition criterion celebrates filmmakers who are bold, adventurous risk-takers; who strive for the unique and the unexpected. The annual search for twelve films that embrace these beguiling values is one of the great pleasures of the job. The first three to be announced for this year's line-up are the Australian Premieres of the critically acclaimed adaptation of Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood by Laotian director Tran Anh Hung; award-winning Greek drama Attenberg and the highly-anticipated second feature from the director of Me and You and Everyone We Know, Miranda July's The Future.

Yeah, can you guess which one I'm excited about? Glad I didn't, uh, watch it illegally. I think I can wait till the Festival. It starts the 8th June and runs until the 19th of the same month. EXCITED!


Ugly header is ugly

That is the limit of my photoshop abilities. Need to download some new fonts, me thinks.

Enough procrastination. ESSAY WRITING TIME!

Saturday: at uni

Yes, I spent my Saturday at uni. I was surprised by the amount of people there on a Saturday. I'd thought it'd be quieter and emptier.


Start of April in fake vintage photo style

Trying out a vintage photoshop effect (tutorial here) I found since I think photos sometimes look better when edited. Posting the photos from my flickr account. My birthday is soon as is my promised birthday flickr Pro account. XD

Obligatory posing at that place in the middle of the Basser steps overlooking the Quad. Always a line on graduation days. Although you never really go there at any other time of your uni life at UNSW.

Everyone wants a photo with him. Such a popular teacher. Although, since leaving UNSW, my Korean has drastically deterioated.

Food court

UNSW library
The Hyde
The Hyde. I remember when there was nothing there and they were just starting construction on it. I'm so old, you guys.

Liverpool Street
Mother's Crepe
World Square

After the graduation we had dinner at BBQ City. That post will come tomorrow. Or later because I have an essay to write and I've wasted too much time already! One more for the road!

Complete camera accident by the way. My P&S wouldn't focus or my hand was wobbly and I hate flash and tada!