Do not disturb. I am studying ...

or not. Most of my classes are over for the semester. Only have a couple of tutes/seminars this week then done. But I'm so far behind in everything. I thought there was lots of time before my first exam. There's not. There's like 2 weeks. But I'm a horrible student and I procrastinate. This blog post right now is another act of procrastination as I try to catch up on all the lectures I've missed. My house is very cold and my dad insists on opening up all the doors to get "the smell out". Why? It's freezing. I'm walking around the house with a blanket. I study better when I'm not at home like at a coffee shop (as pictured below) or better yet - A LIBRARY.

Twinings Pure Green Tea

I bought a whole thing of green tea bags to get me through. That and coffee and someone else making me food is getting me through. XD

Anyone got some exam tips? I need to invest in some Red Bull. Or Mother since 7/11 Dollar Day is this Friday. Stock up on some Mother, yes/yes? But I have dinner plans and Vivid Sydney watching that night. Am I really gonna bring all that Mother around town?


I woke up in time to see a friend I haven't seen in like 1 1/2 years!

I kept on snoozing my alarm but I got an SMS at around 9am telling me to wake up and get dressed. So, I made myself coffee, checked twitter then got dressed. My friends and I were heading to the city to see a friend of ours from undergrad uni days who had been living in Japan for the past year and a half, though it didn't feel that long. (By the by, yesterday doesn't even feel like yesterday. I know I went to dinner and dessert in the city but I don't feel like it was yesterday.)

Meet my friend!

I made it in time for yum cha and for the longest time we were standing outside this place just waiting for others to arrive.

Our usual yum cha place in the city is Marigold. I love dumplings. Love, love, love. All sorts of goodness inside.

Yum cha!
Coins in different currencies!

After yum cha we headed over to Capitol Square (got some sticker photos and played some games) and to Galaxy World, souvenir store and Morning Glory in Market City.

Kinda want UGG boots now.

Market City

Then we headed off to Chinatown for Friday night markets! Amazing smells, sights and sounds! I should go more often!

Twisty Potato? I think that's what the stall called it. Remember Arashi no Shukudai-kun and they had the machine that made this food and it was censored becauase it was still being patented? YEAH. LOOK IT SPREAD. I LOVE IT FOREVER BECAUSE OF ARASHI. Only $3.50 at the Chinatown Friday night markets. Comes in different flavours too.

Dixon St

We then back to Capitol to kill some time while waiting another friend. Walked around and saw all the pretty, expensive Japanese phones in the stores on the second level beyond all the games and sticker photo booths. But eventually it led back to the games. Well, just one - pachinko. Still don't know how it works.

Around 5:30ish we headed back up towards Town Hall area, said goodbye to our friend who's going back to Osaka on Sudnay and had dinner at Pepper Lunch. Been so long! Had the beef curry - $9.90. Want to try the J-Curry next time. My friends had it and it looked so so good!


Beef curry - not yet mixed
Beef curry - not yet mixed.

Beef curry all mixed
Beef curry - mixed.

Headed for drinks up and across the road at the Pavilion Hotel where my friend was working behind the bar for the night. We only got to see him once before he had to work at the bar downstairs. I did not know how to take a good photo of these drinks. No idea. Tried so many times. XD


Such a long and busy Friday. I so thought that I was going to be home much earlier. Like, while it was still daylight. Ended up at home about 10pm which is still relatively early compared to other people's Fridays. How was yours? Straight back into uni work. Must study. Been bludging all week!

  • Find Marigold at 5/683-689 George Street, Haymarket, NSW.
  • Find Pepper Lunch at 537 George Street, Sydney, NSW.
  • Find Pavilion Hotel at 580 George Street, Sydney, NSW.


A day in the life of a law student who skips classes

So, I misread the announcements and it turned out that I didn't have a lecture today. I had a non-assessable seminar at 7pm and the plan was in the break between lecture and seminar I'd eat lunch with a few friends. Misreading the announcement really put me off going to my seminar. I got to the supposed lecture room and it was occupied with something that was not my lecture. I checked online and re-read the announcement. Then I just decided. Nah, let's just not go to class today. So I spent this afternoon and night in Sydneytown . Yays. Turned out to be such a nice sunny Sydney day too. I wore too many layers and was sweating so much while walking around town.

Here, have some photos!

Sands Street

In Hyde Park trying to take a photo of the runaway possum. XD

Shall do some food blog type entries, uh, later. It's late now. Need to photoshop some pics because they're dark-ish and I don't have photoshop on the laptop I'm using right now. Prague Beer Restaurant and Jazz City Diner ... so, yeah. Photos with word type things. Substantial words. XD

Meeting a friend who's visiting from Japan for yum cha tomorrow if I wake up early enough. I can't even think about food right now. Still so full from dinner.


Friday, Friday ...

So, my Friday was rather more busy than usual. I went to the fan meet for One Way's Peter Hyun at Hyde Park. I don't really know who he is. I watched a couple of One Way's covers on YouTube, which were pretty good. I went, with my friends, solely for the reason that he's a part of the whole KPop thing. I think he's friends wit Donghae from Super Junior so only 1 degree of separation! That's how that works, right?

He arrived just past 2pm and a whole bunch of girls screamed. Loudly. The whole gaggle of girls, and a couple of guys, moved around the fountain to find a spot to have a meet and greet. There was whole line of fans waiting patiently to get an autograph and photo with him. Kathy, the organiser, had some pre-signed photos that she gave away for free. From what I gathered she paid for the printing of all of them. So generous. I would have charged people for them. XD

My friends and I lined up for maybe an hour to meet him. I really didn't have much to say. I got an autograph for my friend, to a photos of him with my friends and then got a group photo with him. He seemed pretty nice. Said something along the lines of "I'm sorry about the wait" even though he'd be standing for an hour and a half, maybe, by the time we got to him. Still has an Aussie accent. Talked about exams and how he hated exams. But he was nice. He had a nice aura about him.

And some photos. From afar. If you were there, I wonder if you could figure out who I am from the angle of these photos. If you have, gosh, I hope I didn't look like a complete [insert expletive here] or anything. XDDD


After the fan meet Peter and some fans went to the food court in the new Westfield on Pitt Street for some gelato. Peter posted a pic of the gelato on his twitter. So, this part was kind of awkward. I was with a few friends and if you were there you may remember us sitting quite near but apart the table that Peter sat on. Oh, this is just awkward typing it out. My friend knows one of the organisers (or was there only one organiser?) and she invited us to this after fan meet casual thing. It was completely awkward for us so we just did our own anti-social thing as usual. Besides, I guess we didn't really have much to talk to him about anyway. A couple of more friends of ours arrived away so we had a good ol' chat amongst ourselves as we were killing time before dinner. (We had a 7:30 reservation at a restaurant in Potts Point. A blog post on that tomorrow.) I didn't take any photos there because that would have seemed ultra creepy.

So, yeah. All in all a fun fan meet. The only one I've been to but it was fun. Lots of very enthusiastic fans. And the guy, his friend I suppose, that was with him all day was pretty cute too!

Not a terribly good photo when cropped. I took 2 group photos of my friends and yeah, this cut and paste job looks horrendous. Peter and my friends did not look at the camera at the same time at all! Oh, and the photoshop job I did to it is horrible. Might replace this photo later.


Meet & Greet with One Way's Peter Hyun - Friday, 20th May

As it says in the title. I'm thinking of going even though I don't know him or his group's songs really well or at all. But it's rare, right, to be able to meet anyone in KPop.

Image from:
 I'm currently listening/watching to some of their stuff on their official YouTube channel. They sound pretty good. He's currently in Sydney. I think he just arrived today according to his twitter.

Anyhoo, Friday is still a while away. There's a whole bunch of days and uni stuff and readings to get through to Friday. XD


52 Suburbs

I just finished watching 7.30 (last night's episode repeated on ABC News 24) and there was this story on Louise Hawson's 52 Suburbs project. She basically decided to photograph a suburb a week and blog about it and now her project is getting a book release as well as an exhibition at the Museum of Sydney.

I was so deeply entranced by this segment on her and her project. Outside of where I usually go in Sydney I don't really explore. I just stick to the same old places. I don't really venture out to explore the suburbs. I'm usually always travelling to the city for something to do. Her photos on 7.30 looked so amazing and now I'm sort of inspired.

So, I'm adding that on my list of things to do. Check out her website/blog -->


Random photos from my flickr

I had a rather quiet Saturday night. The day started off with the promise of study and I woke up late, did not make it to the library and just most of the day in front of the computer. Then suddenly, as if struck by a great desire to procrastinate, I decided to go through all my photos and edit and upload them to flickr. Here are some selected shots and I promise to make it to the library soon. (^.^)

Cute baby tigers
Chowking halo halo
Flinders Street Station

A mix of Philippines, Sydney and Melbourne. Mostly Phils. I'm hoping to go back soon because I didn't really get to do or see everything that a tourist should. My dad has like been everywhere already so I guess he didn't want to go see everything again. That and he has no idea how to be a good tour guide. XD